Qualify as a teacher for Pre-school and Gr.1 at Eureka Varsity

“Would you like to play a role in the transformation of our country?”

Teachers play a vital and crucial role in the success of a nation, especially in the Early childhood development phase of a child!

Have you ever considered teaching as a career? Then Eureka Varsity is the place for you. The modern well equipped campus is situated in Roodepoort, Gauteng where competent facilitators are dedicated to give every student the necessary input to ensure success.

South Africa needs more than 20,000 extra qualified educators annually to teach the Gr R children that are starting their school careers. Currently less than 7,000 are being trained. These statistics give you the very best chance of ensuring job security in the future. Within one year you could be a teacher in a Nursery School with a recognised Level 5 qualification. Should you decide to do one more year to achieve Level 6 then you can be appointed at a Government Primary School. Minister Blade Nzimande announced that Gr R was to become compulsory for all children in 2016 because the latest research from Harvard confirms that children are far more receptive to effortless learning during the window of opportunity from birth. This receptiveness deteriorates over time. As a result the input of a teacher in a Nursery School determines the success of a child in later years.


“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
- Aristotle

Eureka Varsity also has a close relationship with BrainBoosters that will supply additional free training in mathematics and all equipment needed for teaching it to every student that enrols at Eureka Varsity. This will enable you to even start your own Nursery School.

For videos demonstrating the BrainBoosters system, visit the "More Information" page.

Eureka Varsity is affordable and has easy payment plans available!

Are you the right person?

Step 1

Please answer these self-evaluation questions below. If you can honestly answer 70% (10) of them with a positive YES, then you are a potential candidate for Eureka Varsity with the possibility of qualifying for a bursary in a 1 year teacher’s qualification.

1 Do you want to contribute to Madiba’s goal of educating our next generation?
2 Do you enjoy dealing with little children between the ages of 3 and 9?
3 Are you a positive and enthusiastic person?
4 Do you have the ability to motivate others?
5 Are you dedicated and hardworking?
6 Do you have a good sense of humour?
7 Are you a good story teller?
8 Are you able and prepared to do self-study in between classes?
9 Would you like to work in a Nursery School while you study?
10 Do you enjoy playing with children?
11 Are you a patient person?
12 Are you a caring person?
13 Would you like to own a nursery school?
14 Are you prepared to deal with the cleanliness and hygiene needs of toddlers?


Step 2

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Middle Name
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Employment Status(*)
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Write a paragraph of +- 80 words on each of the following topics:

Why are you the ideal person to become a teacher for 3-9 year old children? (*)
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Tell us about a teacher that made a difference in your life and why? (*)
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